“We wanted to raise the visibility + increase the impact of our work. TTG+PARTNERS made our vision a reality.”-Michelle Asha Cooper, Ph.D., President, Institute for Higher Education Policy

Institute for Higher Education Policy

An independent, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to increasing access and success in postsecondary education around the world.

The Situation

IHEP faced several challenges that had impeded its communications efforts. While IHEP had always been recognized for its unique research and innovative programs, it had lost its way in communicating its good work. IHEP engaged TTG+PARTNERS to create a new strategic and tactical approach to communicate its organizational priorities. Our goal was to implement an aggressive strategic communications campaign.

The Answer

Initially believing we would be developing and managing a strategic communications plan, TTG+PARTNERS soon discovered something else. Although IHEP was considered a credible voice in higher education, its brand image was inconsistent. So along with implementing a strategic communication plan, we simultaneously began a rebranding campaign.

The Outcome

The organization has now firmly positioned itself as a leading authority in higher education policy both domestically and internationally. Highlights include: