TTG+PARTNERS are consummate professionals. We expected—and have gotten—great results.”-Arnold L. Mitchem, Ph.D., President Emeritus, Council for Opportunity in Education

Council for Opportunity in Education

The only national organization dedicated to furthering the expansion of postsecondary opportunities for low-income and first-generation students to help them access and succeed in higher education.

The Situation

COE strives to be the voice of “access and success” for low-income, first-generation, and minority students. However, the organization had gone some years without garnering significant media attention for its efforts. It desired a stronger presence among national, local, and trade media.

COE engaged TTG+PARTNERS to develop and execute multiple strategic communications campaigns to generate significant media coverage.

The Answer

TTG+PARTNERS leveraged every organizational initiative to help spread the word among key stakeholders. We also helped COE staff members to think more strategically when communicating their efforts to ensure transformative long-term impact.

The Outcome

As COE continues its work to help disadvantaged students go to and graduate from college, the organization now reaps the benefits of being recognized by leading media outlets such as NBC, Forbes, Inside Higher Ed, and the Washington Post. Highlights include: