TTG+PARTNERS is passionate about communicating the needs of others, especially on behalf of communities of color whose collective voice often goes unheard.”-Randi Payton, President + CEO, DECISIVE Media

Our issues.

Our focus on diversity and inclusion is grounded in our belief of equal opportunity for anyone facing systemic racism.

Our capabilities.

Brand Messaging

The key to branding is to be consistent and simple, yet distinctive. Our goal is to help our partners distinguish and protect their brand.

Crisis Communications

Any organization should have a plan for disseminating information clearly and concisely during emergencies. This is crisis communications. Internal or external crises can take away from an organization’s core message and impede its ability to advance its mission. The key to managing such events is establishing a direct line of information to the public in order to maintain trust and consistency in times of heightened urgency.

Media Relations

Garnering media coverage for an issue or cause can be highly competitive and largely opportunistic. However, because of our unique focus, we can implement targeted outreach to a cadre of media contacts that cover education diversity and inclusion issues, resulting in the best promotion of our clients’ ideas and initiatives.

Strategic Communications

Successful companies recognize that strategy is always before tactics. Strategic communications aligns core organizational priorities with communications resources that result in a higher degree of awareness among supporters and influencers. Our partners frequently target multiple audiences, including policymakers, philanthropists, higher education leaders and supporters—making strategic communications essential to successful (and effective) outreach.